To those who are new to programming

It has been a year since I started programming.

My first contact to programming is through a web site called Progate. This is for learning various technologies from java to version control system.

I remember I first went through JavaScript course even though I was told to do the Java course.(I didn't even understand the difference between the two!!) The Progate week was just for a week, and we, me and two colleagues took a basic programming course outside our company.

The program consists of business manners, Java, algorithm, html/css, JavaScript, oracle database, JSP/Servlet, and Spring Framework. It was a three month course and in the last week, we developed a simple EC site as a team.

I was not so eager to learn programming at that time. I was addicted to an online smartphone game and I hardly cared about the programming. As a result, my score and knowledge on programming was about the average. It made me suffer a lot. The class proceeded in a fast pace because there too many things to cover in a three month course. I didn't understand most of the things as every beginner do partly due to the lack of dedication, and it frustrated me a lot.

After that program, I went back to my company and took an internal training. I was assigned to a mobile development team. They told me the reason for the decision. The reason is that I was great at English and it is important and handy to keep up with new information because the android was rapidly growing. However, I guess I was too average to assign anywhere. That's the reason.

To be honest, I have been overwhelmed by the broadness of the knowledge of this job. Programming languages, algorithm, database design, SQL, version controls, hardware, security, network, tools, architecture...goes on.

It is impossible to be great at everything even the smartest people cannot achieve it. It is too wide to know everything, and there is no need to know everything to work in this industry.

There is a good YouTube video about what kind of attitude is required to learn anything. She said that the right question to ask is not "What do I have to know?", but "How fast can you learn new things?".




先週の土曜日にベトナムの素敵な女友達に連れられて、 ヨガを体験してきました。

市内にあるヨガスタジオのようなところでしました。 日本にあるヨガスタジオのような綺麗な施設で、モダンな感じではなく、 木造で雰囲気のある場所でした。(日本で行ったことないけど)

結論から言うと、ヨガすごいハマりました。 終わった後は身体がすごく軽くなって、リフレッシュできます。

自分の体はすごい硬くて、色々と出来ない動きもありましたが、 初めてですと事前に伝えたら、手取り足取り教えてくれたのでなんとかいけました。

初めてにしては上手すぎると言われました。 ジムに3年通ってたので、体の動かし方がなんとなく分かるようになってたからですね。





ベトナムで働き始めてから、 約2週間が経ちました。

日本本社の子会社立ち上げのためにきています。 徐々にベトナム人のマネージャーやプログラマーの採用が進んできています。

なぜベトナムに来ることになったかというと、 英語が割と堪能なので、立ち上げメンバーに抜擢されたからです。 いわゆるブリッジSEです。

約1年ほどこちらに滞在する予定なので、 何か記録として残しておきたいと思ったのでブログを始めました。

内容としては、 ベトナムでの普段の生活や、テクノロジー系の話を書いていこうと思います。